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March 28, 2021

Places to visit in Muzaffarabad


Muzaffarabad city is the capital city of Azad Kashmir. Every Type of facilities available in Muzaffarabad. Its very beautiful and well developed city.

Muzaffarabad is 2418 feet above from sea level. Its most Populated city of azad Kashmir. Muzaffarabad is 148 km away from Rawalpindi. Its 4 hours drive from Rawalpindi. Distance from Abbottabad city is 75  km.

Muzaffarabad city is located in banks of the Nellum River. People are lived everywhere in the city also on the top of the Mountain. Neelum Valley is include in Muzaffarabad district. Every Tourist tell that Neelam Valley is the Paradise of Earth.Natural Places connect nature with you. When you connect the nature you save the Nature.

Tourist Points in Muzaffarabad:

Pir Chinasi Mountain:

Pir Chinasi Muzaffarabad

Pir Chinasi Mountain is highest mountain of Muzaffarabad. It’s one of the Beautiful Mountain of azad Kashmir. Every year Many Tourist Visit Pir Chinasi Mountain. Every year Snow on the Top of the Mountain in winter season. It’s one of attractive Tourist point in Azad Kashmir. There is amazing view on the top of the mountain.

Its Elevation is 9500 feet above from sea level. Hotel are available on the top of the Mountain.

Red Fort

Red Fort Muzaffarabad

Red fort is a Historical Place. This fort is 376 year old. Red fort is under in the supervision of AJK Tourism and Archeology Department. Red fort is attractive point because the Neelam River is around the fort.

Neelam Valley

Neelum ValleyNeelum Valley

Neelam Valley is also called Neelam district. Every Tourist tell that Neelam Valley is the Paradise of Earth. Neelum Valley beauty is very different. When you see the Neelum Valley you will forget all the mountains that you will see before.

Neelum valley is Top beautiful place of earth. Travel of Neelum valley is very Adventure travel. Every one Enjoy the Travel of Neelum Valley. Neelum Valley is Beautiful because its beauty is still stable. There many types of Trees, river and fountain / waterfall in the valley. Its Elevation is 4000 to 7500 feet above from sea level. There is different elevation from different places. Neelam Valley is 103 km away from muzaffarabad.

Neelum-Jehlum Interchange / Patrind Hydropower Plant:

Patrind Hydropower Plant

Neelum Jhelum is a location where two river linked with each other.

These river is Neelum River and Jhelum River.

In that location a Dam is constructed. The Name of Dam is Patrind Hydropower Plant.

It’s one of the largest Dam of Pakistan.

Sathra Park Neelum River:


Sathra Park is beautiful park on the bank of the river. Neelum River is one of the longest river of Pakistan. Color of Neelum river water is Blue. Neelum River is the fastest River. Neelum River increase the beauty of Kashmir.

Sathra Park is 3 km away from Muzaffarabad city.

Subri Lake:
Subri Lake

Subri Lake is located in Muzaffarabad – Chakothi Rd. This Lake is on the bank of Jhelum River. This lake is 2460 feet above from sea level.

It’s 8 km away from Muzaffarabad city. Subri Lake is beautiful lake of Muzaffarabad District.

Chamb Waterfall:
Cham Waterfall

Chamb waterfall is 60 km away from Muzaffarabad city. Waterfall is 4973 feet above from sea level. It’s very beautiful Tourist Location.

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