Thandiani Mountain Snow
March 28, 2021

Thandiani Top in Abbottabad

Thandiani Top is Located in Abbottabad District. This Mountain is 31 km Away from Abbottabad city. As per the known name Thandiani means very Cold. Thandiani Top is the Coldest Place of Abbottabad City. Its Elevation is 9020 feet above from sea level.

Mountain is the highest place of Abbottabad city.  Its beautiful, Natural and Greenery Location. Thandiani is not well known location. But you must Visit it. Temperature in summer 18 oC to 3 oC. Temperature in winter 2 oC to -10 oC.

Many Adventure Tourism Planer make plans in winter to hike the mountain top. There are snow on everywhere and also the road is filled with snow. Snow is 2 to 4 feet. It’s very adventure trip. It’s very easy to hike. You can easily hike mountain in just 100 minutes.

Hiking Distance is 3 to 4 km. There is different beauty on mountain top in summer and winter. White snow make the mountain different. In summer you can see the greenery on the top of mountain. Greener has its own beauty. Camping Pods facility is available on the top of mountain.

When you stand on the top of mountain you can see Kashmir’s mountain. It’s Beautiful view of mountains. In the winter season all these mountain filled with snow. Kashmir Mountain air distance is almost 30 km. Hotels are available on Mountain Top. But the Transportation is not available on the Thandiani Mountain. You must need to book car for a day.

Keep Thandiani Mountain clean.

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