Tarbela Dam
March 28, 2021

Swabi Tourist Places

Tarbela Dam:

Sirikot to Tarbela dam distance is only 30 km. Islamabad to Tarbela dam distance is 103 km. Tarbila dam is built on Indus River. Indus River is longest river of Pakistan. Indus river water color is navy blue. Tarbila Dam is the largest dam of Pakistan. There is one more reservoir which built on indus river. It’s Ghazi Barotha reservoir. Ghazi Barotha is 70 km away from Tarbela dam. The Best Swabi Tourist Places are mention below:

Naavi Dund Waterfall:

Naavi Dund Waterfall

Naavi Dund waterfall is located in Swabi District. Waterfall is 126 km away from haripur. Tarbela dam to Naavi Dund waterfall distance is 87 km. It’s 150 km away from Islamabad. It’s one of the best Swabi Tourist Places.

This waterfall in the center of Mountain. It’s Natural Swimming Place.

Water color is greenish. Its Amazing picnic spot.

Nihalpura waterfall:

Nihalpura waterfall

Nihalpura waterfall is located in Nowshera. This Waterfall is 85 km away from haripur. Travelling time from haripur is 100 minute. It’s 103 km away from Islamabad city. Driving time is 120 minute.

It’s natural and beautiful place of Nowshera. It’s very attractive waterfall.

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