Shimla Pahari
March 28, 2021

Shimla Pahari Abbottabad

Shimla Pahari Tour:

Shimla Pahari is located in Abbottabad District. It’s 4 km away from Abbottabad city Main bazar. It’s Hardly 15 minutes’ drive. Shimla pahari elevation is almost 4800 feet above from sea level. It’s popular picnic spot of Abbottabad city.

Shimla Pahari seen beautiful in spring season. Spring season time is 21 March to 21 June.

Because the flower and trees are growing in spring season. In the early morning flowers is glowing.

There are trees everywhere on mountain. It’s Beautiful view that you sit between the trees. Every Mountain seem some different.

Abbottabad city looks beautiful from the top of mountain. Abbottabad city seen small from the mountain.

There are zig zag path and roads are built on the edge of mountain.

 Hazara Motorway is on the back side of Shimla Mountain.

Hotel, transportation and restaurants is easily available. But the Restaurant and Transportation close till 12 AM.

 Hotel is available on very cheap rates. Shimla pahari Tour is amazing for you.

Keep the Abbottabad clean.

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