Rana Resort and safari park with bamboos
March 28, 2021

Rana Resort & Safari Park

Rana Resort & Safari Park:

Rana Resort & Safari Park is 69 km away from Lahore. Its Create like a Forest. Drive time from Lahore is 135 minute. It’s not Natural Forest. Its Human Made Forest. It’s made with Bamboos. Distance from Faisalabad is 87 km. Boating Space is Available Here. Here also a safari Park. Different Types of animal here.

There are Bamboos on the both sides of walking track. It’s Beautiful and different view. Bamboos control the temperature in summer season. You can also visit in summer season.

 This is fact Shadow of Trees feel cool in summer. There are game spaces is also available.

Head Baloki:

Head Baloki

Head Baloki is 1 km away from Rana Resort. This Head is firstly build in 1915 start of 20th Century. This Barrage is built on Ravi River. Boating Facility is available here. Fresh Fish is available here. Its beautiful view of Ravi River.

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