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March 28, 2021

Places to visit in Murree

10 Tourist Places in Murree


Murree is located in Rawalpindi District. Murree is called the Queen of Hill. Its Elevation is 7517 feet above from sea level.

Queen of hill is 64 km away from Islamabad blue Area. Its 437 km from Lahore city. Temperature range in summer is 32 OC to 4 OC. Temperature range in winter is 20 OC to -10 OC. It’s Top Famous Tourist attractive location.

Pindi Point Chair lift:

Pinid Point Chair lift

Pindi Point Chair lift is 5.5 km away from Murree GPO. Journey of Mountain on chair lift. Enjoy moments to travel on chair lift.

Kashmir Point:

Kashmir point

Kashmir Point is 1.5 km away from GPO. AzadKashmir Mountain seen from this point. This Mountain is Bagh Azad Kashmir. Air distance from this Mountain is 26 km.

Sozo Adventure Park:

Sozo Adventure Park Murree

Sozo Adventure Park is 12 km away from Murree GPO. Thrill ride, slide and pool are available here. Children’s must enjoy the rides of Adventure Park.

Murree Wildlife Park:

Wildlife park in Muree

Murree wildlife Park is 8 km away from Murree GPO. Wildlife Park is 3.5 km away from Pindi Point. There are hiking tracks in Wildlife Park. There are different types of Animal here.

Patriata Chair Lift:

Patriata Chair Lift

Patriata is 15 km away from Murree. Elevation of Patriata is 5354 feet above from sea level.

Patriata Chair lift is famous chair lift of Pakistan. Patriata Chair lift is the largest chair lift of Asia. Its very Attractive Tourist point. Patriata is famous for chair lift.

Sangrela Natural Water Park:
Sangrela Water Park

Sangrela Natural Water Park is 22 km away from Murree GPO. Its 80 minute drive from Murree. Sangrela Natural water Park is 3820 feet below than Murree. Its Beautiful Natural Place of Murree.

Changa Gali:
Changa Gali Murree

Changa Gali is situated in Abbottabad District. This is 20 km away from Murree. 70 minute drive from Murree. Its Elevation is almost 8389 feet above from sea level. Its 52 km away from Abbottabad city.

Dunga Gali:
Dunga Gali

Dunga Gali is 33 km away from Murree. Its Elevation is almost 8300 feet above from sea level. Dunga Gali is cold than Murree. Its 11 km away from Changa Gali toward the Abbottabad city. Dunga Gali is very Attractive Tourist Point. Dunga Gali Changa Gali and Ayubia all are interconnected.

Ayubia National Park

Ayubia is 26 km away from Murree. Elevation is almost 8450 feet above from sea level. Chair lift and Tunnel in the Ayubia. There is long Hiking Track in Ayubia.

Nathia Gali:
Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali is 38 km away from Murree. Its 120 minute drive. It’s very Attractive Tourist location.


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