Balokat Kunhar River
March 28, 2021

Manshera Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Balakot is include in Mansehra District Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Kunhar river is located in balakot. Elevation of balakot city is 3815 feet above from sea level. Balakot city is 75 km above from Manshera. There are many hotels available in balakot city.

District Distance:

Mansehra city to Balakot distance is 40 km. Traveling time is 100 minutes. Abbottabad to Balakot distance is 62 km. Traveling time is 140 minutes.

Rawalpindi to Balakot Distance is 250 km with traveling time is 5 hours.

New Balakot:

New Balakot

New Balakot build in almost 2006. Many old Balakot residents move to the new balkot city. New balakot is 21 km away from Mansehra. We reach in 50 minutes from Mansehra to New balakot. New Balakot is 26 km before the old Balakot city.

New balakot city is residential area.

Ayub Bridge:
Ayub Bridge Balakot

Ayub Bridge is new constructed brigde on Manshera-Naran national Highway.

Its very beautiful location to visit.

Naran Point in Balakot:

Naran point is located on the bank of the kunhar river near ayub bridge balakot.

Its small tourist point. There is very beautiful view in this location. This location is 500 meter away from Ayub bridge.

River park:
Balakot River

River park of Balakot is 900 meter away from balakot city. Park is located on the bank of the kunhar river. Its small picnic spot for tourists.

Natural park of Balakot:
Balakot Nature

Natural park of Balakot is located in Balakot. Its 1 km away from Balakot city. All the surrounding area is filled with trees. Its Natural Park of balakot. Its 92 Meter above from balakot city.

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