Mahandri Village
March 28, 2021

Mahandri village Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Mahandri village the part of Manshera District.This village is 81 km away from Mansehra city. Mahandri is 105 km away from Abbottabad city. Its 243 km away from Islamabad city. Elevation of Mahandri village is 5144 feet above from sea level.

There two water bodies in Mahandri village one is Kunhar River and second is Ansoo lake fountain or Dohar. Kunhar River passing through the Mahandri village.   Mahandri road is called national Highway. This national Highway connects the Naran, Jalkhad and Chilas through this road.

In the Mahandri village all the ease are avaliabe. Hotel and transportation is easily available in morning. 

Mahandri village to Naran:

Mahandri village is 40 km before the Naran city. And Mahandri village is 18 km before the Kaghan city. Kaghan is 1775 feet above from Mahandri Village.

The total Elevation of kaghan city is 6919 feet.

Ansoo Lake / Tear Lake:

Ansoo Lake

Why is the lake name Ansoo lake? Because the Ansoo lake shape is totally same as the shape of Ansoo or tear. It’s really amazing to view this lake.

Ansoo Lake is 19 km away from Mahandri village. Ansoo Lake is near Behari Village. Mahandi village and Behari village is connected with each other. Its best adventure hiking mountain. The hiking track from Behari village to Ansoo Lake is very much adventurous. In the winter season this mountain totally filled with snow. It is not possible to hike this mountain in winter. Because of Ice its area is block.

Kaghan Mountain:

We see the Kagan Mountain on Mahandri village. In the winter season Kaghan Mountain Top filled with Ice. All these Ice melt in summer season.

Kaghan Mountain is also good Hiking Mountain. Its 7175 feet above from sea level. Kaghan Mountain is 2031 feet above from mahandri village.

Kaghan Mountain is 260 feet above from Kaghan city. And the Distance is 600 meter. There are 10 to 15 minutes require to travel from kaghan city to Kaghan mountain. It’s one of the Hiking Mountain on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. At the Top of Kaghan Mountain there is small lake. This lake is almost same as Ansoo Lake.

In the winter hiking it is some difficulty because of Ice.

SehKundi Meadows Mountain:
SehKundi Meadows
SehKundi Meadows

SehKundi Mountain is almost 185 feet above from Kaghan city. This Mountain 7092 feet above from sea level. Its 7 km distance from kaghan city to SehKundi Mountain. There is almost 120 minutes require for hiking. There is Beautiful Meadows view on mountain. SehKundi Parent Mountain is Alai Mountain. Alai Mountain is a Higher than SehKundi Mountain. Alai Mountain is opposite to the Kaghan Mountain.

Dohar Road:

Dohar River is come from Ansoo Lake Mountain. Water is very cold. Flow rate of water is very high. High flow rate of water is the cause of slope.

Slope make the water faster and the faster. And also the because of slope moving water make a high noise. Dohar water is not dry in winter. Its water moving all over the year.

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