March 28, 2021

Khewra Salt Mines

Khewra Salt Mines:

Khewra Salt Mine is located in Jhelum. Its 160 km away from Islamabad. Its 180 minute drive from Islamabad. Lahore to Khewra salt Mine Distance is 248 km. Khewra Mine Elevation is 958 feet above from sea level.

There are many Minerals in Pakistan. Khewra is natural salty Mountain. There is a lot of Slat in Khewra. Khewra Mountain is almost 3 km long. 

There are Nineteen Stories in mountain, Eleven Stories are on below side and eight are on ground side. The Mines are 2440 feet extended from entrance. Temperature in the Mines is almost 18 oC to 20 oC all over year. In the Mines everything is built with salt. Its Amazing Natural Place. Every year Millions of People visit Khewra Mines.

Jhelum River:

Jehlum River

Jhelum River is 81 km away from Khewra salt mines. Its 150 minute drive from Khewra. Its 207 km away from Lahore. Jhelum River is Beautiful place for Picnic.

Good Place at the bank of the river.

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