March 28, 2021

Kala Pani Abbottabad

Kala Pani:

Kala Pani is Situated on Thandiani road Abbottabad Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Its located on thandiani Mountain. Its distance from Abbottabad city is only 15 km.

Traveling time is almost 50 minutes from Abbottabad city. Kala Pani Elevation is almost 6656 feet above from Sea level. Kala Pani Distance from Thandiani Top is 12 km. Traveling time is almost 35 minutes from Kala Pani to Thandiani.

It is the one of the best Picnic point in Abbottabad.

Thandiani Top is 2344 feet higher than Kala Pani. Most of the Tourist visit kala Pani and Thandiani Top in summer. Small Amount of People visit in winter.

Kala Pani is in between Thandiani Mountain and Mera Rhmat khan Mountain. Kala Pani is the location of fountain water. Its Beautiful Scene to view.

Trees on the side of water. There is small amount of water in winter. 

Because of water and Beautiful Trees it’s called the valley.

Kala Pani Fountain:

Kalapani Waterfall

There is a fountain in Kala Pani. Fountain water is clean. All the Residents use the fountain water. This Fountain water fall in Harnoi lake.

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