Jallo Park Lake
April 4, 2021

Jallo Park Lahore

Jallo Park Lahore:

Jallo Park is located in lahore. Park is 20km away from lahore Mall Road. This Park is Largest Park located in Lahore. It’s also Wild life Park and Wildlife Breeding Center.

There is a Public Swimming Poll. Boating Facility is Available here.

There is larger area to play games. There is longest track here. Its biggest than all track in Lahore. Every weekend many Lahories come here for picnic.

Keep the park clean.

Butterfly Park:

Butterfly Park is located in Jallo Park. Its built in December 2015.

It’s Created or Designed very Beautifully. There is beautiful collection of flower here. There are many types of Butterfly here.

Butterfly is the most Beautiful Insect of the world.  Butterfly Park is very beautiful and attractive location.

Sozo Water Park:

Sozo Water is 2 km away from Jallo. There are many swimming pool here. Sozo water Park is famous because of swimming pool. Most of People come in summer to enjoying the swimming.

There are many playing game facility here. Discover ride and many more rides.

Children’s and youngster both enjoying here.

Thousands of People visits every month. Its popular Picnic place in Lahore.

Every type of facility available here.

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