Ilyasi Masjid Hill abbottabad
March 28, 2021

Ilyasi Masjid

ilyasi Masjid Hill:

Ilyasi Masjid

ilyasi Hill 5 km away from Murree road. And ilyasi hill 6.5 km away from Abbottabad main bazar. Ilyasi hill is on the back side of ilyasi mosque. Ilyasi Mosque is Ancient Mosque. Mosque is very Beautiful.

There is a fountain in Ilyasi Mosque. Fountain water is used in Mosque. Fountain water is the Gift of Allah. Never waste the water. Save water for your Generations. It’s located in Nawan Shehr Abbottabad. Resturants are near to the Ilyasi Mosque. Ilyasi Mosque is one of oldest places in Abbottabad new city.

Ilyasi Hill height is almost 4800 feet above from sea level. There is a easiest track to hiking ilyasi hill. Its gorgeous picnic spot. Families come here on Holiday for picnic.

Chair Lift in Nawan Shehr:

Chair Lift Abbottabad
Chair Lift Nawan Shehr Abbottabad

Chair is located in Nawn Shehr Township Abbottabad. It’s 6 km away from Ilyasi Mosque. It’s Hardly 20 minute drive from Ilyasi Mosque.

Journey of Abbottabad on the chair lift. Beautiful picture of city on the Height. Youngster must want to enjoy the chair lift.

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