Sirikot Tarbila
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March 28, 2021

Haripur Tourist places

Sirikot point:


Sirikot Point is almost 66 km away from Abbottabad city. Traveling time is only 120 minute. Sirikot Point is 20 km away from haripur city. Sirikot Point Elevation is almost 3200 feet above from sea level. Islamabad to sirikot distance is 105 km. There is very beautiful view of indus river on the mountain Top. More Haripur Tourist Places are mention below.

It’s very beautiful place. Sirikot’s beauty is mountain, trees and indus river. All this things make it different. It’s different than other tourist places.

Nara Akhoonkhail:

Nara Akhoonkhail

Nara Akhoonkhail is located on the bank of indus river near haripur. This Tourist place is 16 km away from haripur city. In this area Indus water is not deep.

Boating facility is available. It’s good point to travel. It’s one of the Tourist point in haripur.

Chhajiyan waterfall:

Chhajiyan waterfall

Chhajiyan waterfall is located in Haripur District. This waterfall is 28 km away from haripur city. Its 81 km away from Islamabad. It’s beautiful waterfall.

Sajjikot Waterfall Lake:

Sajikot waterfall

Sajjikot Waterfall Lake is 49 km away from haripur city. Its 116 km away from Islamabad. One interesting information for you Sajjikot waterfall is 4 km away from Noori De waterfall. Natural place in Sajjikot hearth touching scenery. Waterfall sounds good and also the Environment is beautiful. I love nature and must recommend you to visit sajjikot Waterfall Lake.

Noori De Waterfall:
Nihalpura waterfall

Noori waterfall is located in haripur District. Its distance from haripur is 47 km. This waterfall is 54 km away from Islamabad city. Its almost 2650 feet above from sea level. Nallah road to noori waterfall 25 minute hiking.

Noori waterfall is beautiful place. Local Transportation is not available you need to book car for a day. People who enjoy travel must visit the Noori waterfall. You enjoy the beauty of Nature. These are Best Haripur Tourist places.

Umbrella Waterfall:
Umbrala Waterfall

Umbrella waterfall is located in Sajjikot near havelian.  Waterfall is 53 km away from haripur city. Its 75 km away from Islamabad. It’s different waterfall than all. Umbrella waterfall elevation is almost 4793 feet above from sea level. Every Waterfall come from mountain. Most of waterfall is on hidden place. This waterfall is in umbrella shape. It’s water falling in unique manner. People who want to discover new places must visit this place. It’s very beautiful and amazing waterfall. One more thing Umbrella waterfall is 31 km away from Nathia Gali. Kalabagh-Nathia Gali road connect the sajjikot to Nathia Gali.

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