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March 28, 2021

Effects of Natural Environment on Health

Effect of Natural Environment:

Natural environment pleasant the mind.

As per the experts 40% of unman health depend upon the atmosphere. Natural atmosphere is not possible in populated cities.

I recommend all of you to travel natural beauty places. We need to promote the tourism.

But never throw garbage in natural places. Because Pakistan is our home land.

Every human want to clean her home. So please Keep Pakistan clean and Green.

Health of Mountain People:

People lived on mountain is healthy. Because they worked by own self. Natural atmosphere of mountain is the biggest cause of good health. There is no pollution on mountain. So the atmosphere effect on the health. Good atmosphere good health.

Health of Urban People:

Pollution has larger amount in the populated urban areas. Pollution effect on health. There are many facilities in the cities. So the people not do each and every work. Urban people not walk regularly. People walk twice in a week or month. Urban people. Urban people is very busy. They have not even time for her health.

 Every Human need to take some time for her health.

Develop the cities With Respect to Nature:

Every Urban people has a responsibility to clean the atmosphere of populated cities. Every person who live in city need to plant a tree. So after improving the atmosphere we can save our health and our Generation health.

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