Bagh Azad Kashmir
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March 28, 2021

Bagh Azad Kashmir

Bagh Azad Kashmir:

Bagh is the city of Trees. Bagh has a lot of mountains and a lot of trees and also have a river. Bagh city is known as valley. Bagh city is the center of Kashmir. Kashmir is the paradise of earth. Pakistan is not complete without Kashmir.

Bagh is the one of biggest cities of Kashmir. Bagh is Georgios place. Once you Travel Bagh you come again and again to visit. Because the beauty of nature attract the Human again and again. Because the human love the natural beauty.

Distance from other Districts:

Bagh is 141 km away from Rawalpindi. Bagh is 94 km away from Muzafarabad.

Bagh is 190 km away from Mirpur Azad Kashmir. Bagh is 200 km away from Abbottabad.

Tourist Attraction point of Bagh city:

There are two tourist attraction points in Bagh city.

  • One is  Sudan Gali 
  • Second is  Ganga Choti
Sudan Gali:
sudan gali

Sudan Gali distance from Bagh central city is 21 km. Sudan Gali is located in Bagh District. Sudan Gali is located near Highway and that highway connects Muzaffarabad city to Bagh city.

Sudan Gali is 7000 feet above from sea level. Sudan gali is famous for its Hiking train which connect to the Ganga mountain peak. Sudan Gali is one of the famous tourist point in Azad Kashmir. Every year Thousands of people visits Sudan gali from all over the Azad Kashmir and all over the Pakistan.

Ganga Mountain:
Ganga Mountain

Ganga Mountain distance from Bagh central city is 28 km. Ganga Mountain is located in Bagh district Azad Kashmir. Ganga choti elevation is 9987 feet from sea level. Traveling time is 90 minutes from bagh central city to Ganga Mountain.

Ganga Mountain is the Third largest highest mountain of Azad Kashmir. There is one Fountain in Ganga Mountain. One small lake on the highest mountain of highest point. The fountain water collect in the lake. Ganga Mountain is Beautiful view that I never forget in my life.

Pir Kanthi:
Peer Kanthi

Pir Kanthi Mountain located in Bagh District. Distance from Bagh city is 29 Km. We reach in 120 minutes from Bagh city to Pir Kanthi Mountain.

Pir Kanthi Mountain and Ganga Mountain is opposite in direction. Pir Kanthi elevation is 10640 feet above from sea level. Pir Kanthi Mountain is the largest Mountain of Azad Kashmir. Pir Kanhti Mountain is easy to hike on top of the Mountain. On the top of Pir Kanhti Mountain very Georgios view of Himalayan Mountains. Water drop in Jhelum River from this mountain. Pir Kanthi is beautiful place. It is the one of best hiking place in azad Kashmir.


Bagh Azad Kashmir

Bagh city is the center of Azad Kashmir. Mirpur Azad Kashmir to Bagh distance is 200 km. Travel time 6 Hours. Neelam Valley to Bagh city distance is 194 km. Travel time is almost 7 hours.

Bagh is the second heart of Azad Kashmir. Kashmir is not complete without Bagh city. Bagh city has many fountain and valleys. Bagh city is the land of beauty and Nature. Please save Nature and must visit Bagh city.

Panjal Mastan National Park:

Panjal Mastan National Park

Panjal Mastan is located in Bagh city. Panjal Mastan National park is 8733 feet above from sea level. It’s 20 km away from Bagh city. It’s one of the Natural and Georgios Park of Pakistan.

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