March 28, 2021

Ayubia National Park


Elevation of murree is 7517 feet above from sea level. But the ayubia elevation is 8000 feet above from sea level. Ayubia point is high than murree.

Distance from Different location:

Murree is attractive location, Murree is called Queen of hills.

Huge amount of tourists visits murree and Ayubia. Because Ayubia is near to murree, its distance from murree is 26 km.

Ayubia National Park distance from Islamabad is 72 km. Its distance from Rawalpindi is   86 km. Ayubia distance from Abbottabad is 53 km. Abbottabad distance from Islamabad is 130 km.


Ayubia National Park is located in Abbottabad district. Its not considered in Rawalpindi district, murree is located in Rawalpindi district.


Its one of coldest place in Pakistan. This is much colder than murree because of its climate and geographical location. Its cold in all over year. Most of people come for chair lift trip.

Roads :

Roads of ayubia is well carpeted. The path has been made by cutting the mountains. Tall pine trees all over on the side of road. This view is so much beautiful. Trees is the natural beauty of ayubia. Trees maintain the beauty of ayubia.

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