Nathia GaliNathia Gali
March 28, 2021

Abbottabad to Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali:

Nathia Gali is one of best picnic Place in Abbottabad district. It’s very beautiful place. Weather of Nathia Gali is cold. Nathia Gali is totally filled with Greenery.

There are many type of trees in Nathia gali. There is Beautiful view during sunrise and sunset. Nathia Gali is very popular tourist location. Most of people of Islamabad come every weekend.

Distance from Islamabad is 85 km. There is Hardly 160 minute drive. Nathia Gali is very attractive tourist location.

This tourist location is 35 km away from Abbottabad city. Its Elevation is 7910 feet above from sea level. You can travel any in summer and winter. Hotel, Restaurant and Transportation is easily available. It’s coldest place than Murree and Abbottabad. Be prepare for it. Temperature in summer 24 oC to 2 oC. Temperature in winter 8 oC to -10 oC.

Nathia Gali Waterfall:

Namli Maira

Nathia Gali waterfall is 6 km away from Nathia Gali. It’s 18 minute drive. It’s seems beautiful. Water and greenery create the beautiful picture of nature. Water is clean and transparent. Waterfall is the beauty of nature. It’s small waterfall.

Adventure Hiking:

Nathia Gali to Mushkpuri Hiking
Mushkpuri Hiking Track

Nearest Track of Nathia Gali is Miranjani track. Miranjani track is almost 3 km away from Nathia Gali Bazar. This Track link on the Top of Miranjani Mountain. It’s 4 km long track. You can easily move on track.

You hike the mountain only in 70 minutes. Miranjani mountain top is 9816 feet above from sea level. Every one enjoy the hiking.

Anyone who want adventure must Hike on Miranjani Top. It’s the best hiking of your life. In the winter season snow on the top of the Mountain. There are Beautiful sceneries around the Peak.

Land sliding:

Land sliding some ware on mountain. Rockfall during rain, snow or Thunder Storm. Landslip is cause because of slope area.

Be safe and travel safe. I recommend not to travel in heavy rain and snow.

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