March 29, 2021

12 Tourist Places In Abbottabad

Abbottabad city:

Abbottabad is one of best Tourist Attractions in Pakistan. There are Thousands of people visits every year in Abbottabad.

There are many tourist places in Abbottabad:

But every tourist point seen different. Abbottabad is best Place to Travel.

12 Tourist Places in Abbottabad:

1. Thandiani:

Thandiani Abbottabad

Thandiani Mountain is the Highest Mountain in Abbottabad district. Mountain Top is 9000 feet above from Sea level. Beautiful and Natural Place. It’s Tottaly filled with trees. This is very Beautiful Place for picnic. It’s not very well known place. But I suggest when you travel Abbottabad you must visit thandiani Top. In winter season Thandiani top filled with Ice. It’s best adventure hiking in winter on snow. Thandiani is 31 km away from Abbottabad city. It’s only 90 minute drive from Abbottabad city to Thandiani Top.

2. Kala Pani:

Kalapani Thandiani

Kala Pani is beautiful point on Thandiani Mountain. There is a fountain in kala pani village. Kala Pani is 15 km away from Abbottabad city. It’s 50 minute drive from Abbottabad city.

3. Ilyasi Mosque and Ilyasi Mountain:

Ilyasi Masjid

Ilyasi Mosque and Ilyasi Mountain is located in Nawan City of Abbottabad. Mosque to Abbottabd city distance is 7 km. It’s hardly 15 minutes drive.

Ilyasi Mountain is on the Back side of Ilyasi Mosque

4. Harnoi Lake:

Harnoi Lake Picnic Point
Harnoi Lake Picnic Point

Harnoi lake is Beautiful Natural lake in Abbottabad city on Murree road.

It’s 12 km distance from Abbottabad city.  It’s 25 minutes drive from Abbottabad city. Tourist Visit Harnoi lake all over the year. But most of the people visit in the summer. 

5. Shimla Hill:

Shimla Hill

Shimla Pahari Park is one of the tourist location to visit. Its 4 km away from Abbottabad city. Shimla Hill Elevation is 4757 feet above from sea level. Its one of the top mountain in Abbottabad. Beautiful view of the Abbottabad city at the Top of the Shimla Hill.

6. Nathia Gali:

Nathia Gali

Nathia gali is located on Murree road. Its one of the best nature wise location in Abbottabad District. It’s 35 km away from Abbottabad city. There are many types of beautiful trees in Nathia gali. There is longest track for Hikeing.

7. Nathia Gali waterfall (Abshaar)

Nathia gali Waterfall is 6 km away from Nathia gali Market. It’s 20 minutes drive from nathia gali. It’s almost 1000 feet down from nathia gali. There are also a park in Nathia gali for childrens.

8. Ayubia National Park:

Ayubia National Park

Ayubia National Park is 4 km away from Nathia Gali and 39 km from the Abbottabad city. There is chair lift for Tourists to enjoy the beauty of Ayubia national park. Ayubia is one of the highest location in Abbottabad city. Its Elevation is 8000 feet above from sea level.

9. Karlan Katha Waterfall:

Karlan Katha waterfall is 21 km away from Abbottabad city. Its very attractive tourist location in Abbottabad. Its hidden waterfall. Resident People use this water. Karlan katha Waterfall is almost 5006 feet above from sea level.

10. Miranjani:

Miranjani Peak

Miranjani Top is 42 Km away from Abbottabad. Its highest Tourist Point of Abbottabad district. Miranjani Elevation is almost 9300 feet above from sea level. Its very beautiful view on the Top of the Mountain. It’s Nearest location is Nathia gali.

11. Namli Maira:

Namli Maira

Namli maira is 29 km away from Abbottabad city. Its Elevation is almost 6220 feet above from sea level. There is also a waterfall in Namli Maira. It’s tourist point but it’s not same as nathia gali.

12. Mushkpuri Peak:

Mushkpuri Top

Mushkpuri Peak is 39 km away from Abbottabad city. Its Elevation is almost 7959 feet above from sea level. Its Peak point of mountain like Miranjani Top. Many Tourist hike the Mushkpuri Top.

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